Double Chin Treatment in Albany, OR

Elevate your Neck with MyEllevate® | Double Chin Treatment in Albany, OR

Zoom calls. Google meets. Facetime. Have you ever seen your face staring back at you so much? The modern age has certainly given us a clearer picture of how other people see us. 

For some of us, it’s exposed an aesthetic issue we didn’t realize we had: our necks. From a soft mound of tissue sometimes called a “double chin,” to larger extremes sometimes called “turkey neck,” we’ve seen what we can’t unsee again.

For double chin treatment in Albany, OR, LevittMedical Aesthetics stays on the forefront of advancements in gentle, effective procedures with MyEllevate®, a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solution. MyEllevate® places a suture support system in the target area without requiring incisions. You’ll get immediate elevation of the area for natural and long lasting results.

In most cases, the MyEllevate® procedure should take less than an hour to perform. You should have little bruising and swelling, if any at all. Within a few days you’ll be ready to get back to your normal routine.

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This double chin treatment is not a neck lift

Neck lifts usually require general anesthesia of some sort. A cosmetic surgeon makes a minimum of 2 small incisions, one behind each ear. They then go through these incisions to tighten the neck muscles and possibly the underlying tissues. 

They’ll also remove excess, sagging skin to restore the neck to that smoother, younger appearance. Recovery time usually takes 2 weeks, with neck tightness for a few weeks to a few months, and residual swelling and bruising.

MyEllevate® is the opposite. It’s minimally invasive and has zero downtime. No skin removal, and no general anesthesia. The recovery time is a few days, with little swelling or bruising, and none of that “tightness.”

When you want double chin treatment in Albany, OR, you can utilize MyEllevate® by itself, or combine it with liposuction or lipolysis, along with many other rejuvenation procedures.

Types of modern liposuction at Levitt Medical Aesthetics

Don’t want surgery, and do want a short recovery time? Ask about MyEllevate® today, so in that next online meeting (or anywhere else) you can hold your head high—no matter where the camera points. 

As a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Levitt sees to all aspects of your care. He sits down with you during your initial consultation, performs most treatments, and makes follow-up calls to ensure you love your results.

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