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Harnessing PRP for Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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52% of men experience struggles with some form of erectile dysfunction (ED); however, this number also increases with age. While ED’s root causes can be mental or physical, the range of treatment options is extensive. But what’s really in ED supplements? Are they safe and effective?

Short answer: they’re not nearly as effective or natural as the P-Shot! Here’s what the experts at Levitt Medical Aesthetics have to say about using PRP as a natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

Understanding the causes of ED

A range of prior health concerns, from heart disease to high cholesterol, can increase the chances of developing erectile dysfunction. While ED is higher among patients struggling with diabetes and obesity are the most prone to ED, completely healthy men can also experience it due to stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. These non-medical causes are especially prevalent in males after the age of 50

How does PRP improve sexual performance?

Unlike other ED treatments, PRP is completely natural so there’s no risk of allergic reaction. Injecting your blood’s own platelet-rich plasma stimulates new tissue growth, allowing for longer-lasting, harder, more frequent erections. We also use PRP technology for women’s “O-Shots” and our nonsurgical facelift in Salem, OR!

The P-Shot is a natural erectile dysfunction treatment that is injected (without pain) directly into the penis, rather than an oral pill which only provides temporary effects in addition to negative side effects. Plus, it can increase your overall size and girth!

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