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Meet SkinWave: The New Go-To Medical Facial Near You

Ever wondered how your favorite “it girl” achieves such smooth, radiant skin year-round? We’ll let you in on her little secret: regular medical facials. While maintaining your skin at-home with medical skincare products helps to maintain your complexion, our SkinWave hydrafacial works to rebuild a healthy foundation. 

This revolutionary medical facial offers short and long-term benefits! The treatment includes a deep cleanse, extractions, and hydration through the power of light technology. Here’s everything you need to know about our SkinWave medical facial near you in Salem, brought to you by the skincare professionals at Levitt Medical Aesthetics

The importance of medical facials

Everyone loves escaping the craziness of day-to-day life and enjoying catching a breath during a relaxing facial. While spa facials offer a range of mental benefits, opting for a medical facial is the only way to achieve real results. 

Most spa facials are kept pretty simple, to serve as a one-size-fits-all treatment. However, you’ve probably noticed that a product that works to clear up someone else’s complexion doesn’t necessarily work for you. Rather than guesswork, medical facials provide complete customization, so you can kick your skin care up a notch!

How often should you get medical facials? 

You’ll experience rejuvenating results immediately after your medical facial and for the weeks following! However, in order to maintain your new-found healthy complexion, sticking to a schedule is key.

The average adult’s skin cell cycle is 28 days, which means it takes 28 days for new skin developing in the lower dermal layers to reveal itself. The length of your skin cycle changes with age and is also dependent on your lifestyle, so we recommend meeting with a skincare professional to navigate creating your routine. However, we advise most patients to come in for a medical facial at least once a month to maintain optimal results. Many patients end up deciding to come more often, even weekly in preparation for special events, to experience the relaxation and rejuvenation of our SkinWave facial!

Levitt Medical Aesthetics is excited to offer a range of goal-oriented membership tiers, so you can maintain your results at a discounted price. Contact our team to learn more about which plan best suits your needs.

What is SkinWave?

If you haven’t heard of SkinWave, prepare for it to become your new favorite medical facial near you! This hydrafacial offers a total complexion reset through three steps of deep exfoliation.

Watch as one of our knowledgeable medical aestheticians, Katelyn, breaks down the components of a SkinWave facial:

What SkinWave treats

The SkinWave handheld applicator allows for our technicians to treat a range of skin concerns on the face, neck, and chest! No matter your age, lifestyle, or skin type, SkinWave can treat conditions including:

  • Dull skin tone
  • Uneven or irregular texture
  • Acne
  • Enlarged or clogged pores
  • Dehydrated skin

What to expect from a SkinWave treatment

Coming in for a regular medical facial near you just got as simple as possible with SkinWave. This treatment only takes about 25 to 35 minutes, so you can stop by during a lunch break and return refreshed to work once you’re done. Here’s what you can expect from your SkinWave session:

Before your medical facial

To kickstart your skin rejuvenation, we highly recommend that you schedule a free consultation at our Albany office. During this visit, Dr. Levitt will thoroughly assess the current state of your skin and tailor each amount of the 3 SkinWave solutions to suit your needs! 

While almost all of our treatments combine well with SkinWave, we recommend that in preparation for your appointment you schedule a laser treatment a week prior to this session. This allows time for your skin to heal from the light therapy and our technicians the ample time frame within your skin cell cycle to exhaustively clear out your pores. 

We understand that you may be working this appointment into a busy day, so no need to avoid wearing makeup beforehand! Our technicians will thoroughly clean your skin before we get started. However, you should try your best to avoid excessive UV exposure leading up to your facial. 

During your medical facial

During your SkinWave appointment, simply sit back and relax as we get to work! You can even wear some comfortable sweatpants and listen to your favorite podcast while we perform the 3 specially formulated infusions.

The first step consists of using a vacuum handpiece to suction debris from your skin and release AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) into your pores. This solution begins the exfoliation process, sinking into your pores to remove dead skin cells and debris.

Second, we apply BHA (beta hydroxy acid), which works to clean out the deepest levels of your pores and brighten your skin. For patients experiencing breakouts and overactive oil glands, we typically use more BHA to reduce oil production from within and further remove the top layer of damaged skin cells.

Next, we use HA (hyaluronic acid) to replenish your skin with added hydration, so you walk out glowing! We typically apply more of the HA solution if a patient is struggling with dry, dehydrated skin. 

Depending on the state of your skin and your goals, we may also perform extractions to remove any remaining debris or milia so your skin is completely clean. 

Finally, we use the 2 LED light pieces on the device that work to truly make this medical facial near you stand out. We combine red and blue LEDs to momentarily open your pores, allowing the solutions we’ve applied to fully absorb. This handpiece also features 360 rotation balls, which seamlessly glide across your skin to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and reduce redness. 

After your medical facial

Immediately after your treatment, you’ll notice that your skin has never felt so spotless! You may experience slight temporary redness if you have sensitive skin, but most patients notice that their skin appears more healthy and vibrant as soon as they leave (and for weeks to follow). 

Combining SkinWave with other treatments

SkinWave beautifully elevates the results of almost any aesthetic facial treatment! We encourage you to check in with your provider if you want to combine treatments so we can optimize your timeline, but here are a few of our favorite combinations to consider when scheduling a medical facial near you.


Dermaplaning paired with SkinWave is sure to offer you your smoothest skin, ever! By using a medical-grade scalpel to remove any dead skin and peach fuzz, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy the most radiant version of you.

Botox & Dysport

If you’re looking to turn back the clock on aging skin, combining Botox or Dysport injectables with a medical facial near you is your golden ticket. These effective injections work to relax existing wrinkles and prevent new ones! When combined with a SkinWave facial, you’ll experience a smooth, youthful glow. 

BBL Photofacial

Our BBL Photofacial features LED light therapy similar to that of the SkinWave, working to address skin concerns at the root (in the dermal layers of skin). These medical facials near you will provide the ultimate skin rejuvenation, no matter your skin goals. 

Halo Laser

As we mentioned before, we recommend that you schedule a laser treatment about a week before your SkinWave appointment. The Halo Laser offers highly customizable results, and when combined with our SkinWave medical facial near you, can provide a completely clean slate, encouraging new healthy skin development.

Medical skincare

We also highly recommend that you make the switch to medical skincare in Albany to maintain your results at home. Not only will these products target your concerns much more effectively than drugstore products, but they also act as preventative care so you can completely avoid some forms of skin damage. 


Stay tuned to learn more about the Levitt Medical Aesthetics brand new medical skincare line, filled with concern-specific packages!

Stop by our office to speak with one of our specialists, and we’ll walk you through some skincare products that will help you reach your skin goals. Our entire collection of medical-grade products are clinically-proven and get on the fast track to your best skin.

Come to the experts at Levitt Medical Aesthetics for the best medical facial near you!

Ready to experience your best skin ever? Our team is proud to serve patients from across the greater Portland area, including Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Eugene, and Salem. Every professional on our team is highly trained, experienced, and compassionate.

Allow us to guide you along the road to healthy skin! Still questioning if you should get a hydrafacial in Salem? Schedule a free in-person consultation to get started creating your unique treatment plan or try our virtual consultation tool for immediate recommendations. 

We’re also thrilled to be continuing our SkinWave special, so you can now get your favorite medical facial near you at a lower price. When you buy 2 SkinWave treatments, you’ll get your third for 50% off! Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment online now to lock in your spot.