Smooth Your Skin: Combine QWO With Morpheus RF Microneedling

At Levitt Medical Aesthetics, we regularly see patients who feel frustrated by cellulite and skin laxity on their buttocks. Many want a solution to smooth and restore a more youthful bottom. 

Because of this, we frequently recommend combining QWO with a Morpheus RF Microneedling skin laxity treatment in Albany to aid in smoothing the skin and restoring self-confidence. We truly enjoy helping our patients feel better about themselves and their bodies, so let’s discuss how these treatments work together to create stellar results.

What is a QWO treatment?

QWO is a non-surgical, FDA-approved injectable used for treatment of cellulite on the buttocks. This revolutionary new treatment is made of enzymes known as collagenases. These enzymes target structures beneath the skin at the root of cellulite. 

QWO releases fibrous bands and causes fat cells to be redistributed evenly. This process also stimulates collagen production. This treatment creates smoother, plumper, healthier looking skin on the buttocks.

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What is a Morpheus RF Microneedling skin laxity treatment?

The Morpheus8 treatment by INMODE is a revolutionary minimally-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. 

This treatment method is FDA-approved and uses needles like a traditional microneedling device, with the addition of RF energy deep in the skin, greatly improving skin laxity (sagging skin). This process creates micro lesions that stimulate your body into producing new collagen and elastin, which can firm your skin.

Take a look at some before and after photos to see just how big a difference Morpheus8 could make on your skin!

Combine Morpheus8 with a QWO treatment for an even more effective skin smoothing combination

Morpheus can be added on to a QWO treatment to further increase results for a fuller, smoother buttocks by treating both cellulite and skin laxity—two concerns that many of our patients want to improve. 

Results are fully realized over the course of 3 months following your first treatment session. Our patients are satisfied and see results that last!

Combine QWO with a skin laxity treatment in Albany for a smoother bottom you’ll feel more confident about! 

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