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The Premier Non-Invasive Muscle Toning Treatment in Eugene, OR

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Most of us long for a toned build, but a packed schedule and other lifestyle demands can make it unattainable. Achieving defined abs typically requires exercising 30-60 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week, not to mention watching your diet. We get it, that’s a big time commitment. 

While you may have heard of body sculpting treatments to reduce fat, now there’s Evolve Transform: a one-of-a-kind fat reducing, muscle defining, and skin-tightening treatment! The Levitt Medical Aesthetics team has broken down how this muscle toning treatment in Eugene works:

What is Evolve?

Not only is Evolve the top muscle toning treatment in Eugene, it’s also used for excess skin removal and fat reduction in Salem! This unique innovation addresses the top 3 most common body insecurities in one device, all without having to go under anesthesia or downtime! 

How does the Evolve muscle toning treatment in Eugene work?

Evolve offers electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) by sending radiofrequency waves directly into your muscles, penetrating skin and fat on its way. This energy causes involuntary muscle contractions. That may sound intimidating, but in reality it’s the same sensation that happens when you work out! Combining this technology with radiofrquent lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) attacks unwanted fat from every angle. 

Can’t I just opt for CoolSculpting?

You’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting, a non-invasive treatment that freezes and kills fat cells. While this does sound cool (pardon our pun), that’s all this device does. If you’re seeking a muscle toning treatment in Eugene or a skin tightening treatment in Corvallis, CoolSculpting just can’t address your concerns. 

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