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Put your fat to better use

Fat is complicated. In the right places, it creates desirable softness and flattering curves.

In the wrong places, it adds bulk where it’s unwanted, takes a toll on our health, and diminishes our confidence in our appearance. Many of us spend years chasing the ideal balance with diet and exercise, but find that no amount of clean eating or reps in the gym give us the figure we’re hoping for. Allow us to introduce you to BeautiFill fat transfer in Albany, OR with Levitt Medical Aesthetics.

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Treatment highlights

Treatment Time
Depends on the amount of volume you seek to remove and restore
Recovery Time
1 to 4 days, depending on the treated area(s)
Results Appear
Immediately, with optimal results 9 months after injection
Results Last
5 to 10 years
Consultation Required?

The details

What it treats


Side effects might include...

Light bruising
Minor swelling

Where it treats



  • Reduces unwanted fatLonger-lasting alternative to fillersVisible results after one treatment
  • Restores lost volume
  • Safer than traditional liposuction
  • Tightens lax skin as we remove fatLess bruising and swelling compared to other fat harvesting methods

How it works

The BeautiFill fat transfer procedure uses laser-assisted liposuction to harvest your fat cells, which Dr. Levitt can then transfer to your buttocks, breasts, or face (or the nearest trash can).

All this happens in just a couple of hours, with no general anesthesia and minimal downtime. The transferred fat will last 5 to 10 years, far longer than even the most durable dermal filler.

BeautiFill is particularly unique because it’s the first technology of its kind that breaks up fat without liquifying it.

Traditional fat transfer methods can sometimes have unpredictable results — occasionally, transferred fat cells die within a matter of months, delivering disappointing results. Clinical trials performed with BeautiFill have shown it to have a 95 percent success rate.

Fat transfer with BeautiFill is an opportunity like no other. With its high success rate, you can confidently choose BeautiFill to add volume to your cheeks, restore hollow under eyes, plump your lips or increase your breast size with no synthetic materials, all while slimming and toning other areas of your body. In addition, the laser energy used during the fat extraction procedure may have a skin tightening effect, giving the area an even more firm and youthful look.

BeautiFill fat transfer is a truly revolutionary technology we’re proud to offer to patients in and around Albany, OR.

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What to expect

You will notice a difference immediately after your BeautiFill fat transfer procedure.

The areas where we injected the fat will appear smoother, firmer, and fuller, while the donor areas will be slimmer and more toned. Overall, you will have a more youthful and balanced appearance.

Downtime depends on which areas we treat. For BeautiFill facial rejuvenation, expect one to two days of downtime.

For a BeautiFill fat transfer breast augmentation, we may require downtime of several days. For buttock enhancement with BeautiFill, plan to limit the pressure on the buttocks for the first couple of weeks after the procedure. There may be some swelling, bleeding ,or redness in any treated area after the procedure. Dr. Levitt will recommend appropriate medications and aftercare instructions to mitigate these effects.

Results after a BeautiFill fat transfer in Albany, OR are long lasting and potentially permanent.

Compared to other fat transfer methods, where 30 to 50 percent of transferred fat cells may die after three months, BeautiFill delivers industry-leading results. In clinical trials, BeautiFill reports the highest average fat viability results — over 90 percent.

Before & after


BeautiFill fat transfer is recommended for men and women seeking to transfer small amounts of fat from one area to another. Patients should keep in mind that this isn’t  weight loss treatment or for managing obesity, but a treatment meant to contour specific areas and add volume where it’s desired. We typically harvest fat cells from the stomach, thighs, flanks or arms, then use them for breast augmentation, buttock enhancement, or facial rejuvenation. During an initial consultation, Dr. Levitt will discuss your medical history and current prescriptions to ensure BeautiFill is a safe option for you. He will also assess your areas of concern and treatment goals to determine if BeautiFill can attain your desired results.

On the day of your BeautiFill treatment, Dr. Levitt will mark your skin to identify the fat ‘donor sites.' He then numbs these areas with a local anesthetic. When the anesthetic takes full effect, he makes a small incision, inserts the BeautiFill wand and moves it back and forth while it suctions live fat cells out of the area. He immediately processes the fat cells in a canister attached to the central BeautiFill system. This stage of the procedure removes any oil, blood, or excess tissues to improve the survival rate of the transferred fat. To complete the BeautiFill treatment, Dr. Levitt will use a syringe to inject the processed fat into the marked area(s). He will repeat the injections until the desired amount of correction and contouring is achieved. The goal is to create a symmetrical, natural, and youthful look that enhances your natural features.

Liposuction poses some risk of hematoma, swelling, bruising, and bleeding. BeautiFill greatly reduces these risks, as the laser-assisted process seals the tiny blood vessels during fat extraction and processing. This factor makes the procedure far safer for the patient. Additionally, since you are awake (although likely drowsy) throughout the procedure, you avoid all of the risks associated with general anesthesia. 

No. BeautiFill fat transfer is an outpatient procedure performed awake and under local anesthetics, which avoids risks typically associated with general anesthesia. In addition, BeautiFill's laser energy provides the added benefit of less bruising and swelling often seen with other fat harvesting methods.

You should have only very small scars, if any, from the procedure. The cannulas used for fat extraction are small, and Dr. Levitt will always try to hide any potential scars in areas such as the bikini line and belly button. 

A healthy, nutritious diet and avoiding alcohol and smoking make a difference. You must stay hydrated, get lots of sleep, and give your body time to heal. If you are a smoker, you must quit for at least 6 weeks prior to and after the procedure. It is also important to wear the appropriate compression garments, which Dr. Levitt will discuss with you. 

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Unlike other aesthetic medical centers who hire nurses to perform injections, Dr. Levitt personally performs the injections and procedures offered at Levitt Medical Aesthetics. As a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, he can wholly deliver safe and effective treatment to his patients.

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I absolutely love this place. Dr. Levitt is extremely knowledgeable and experienced at all the services that are offered. He is welcoming, funny, and I instantly felt comfortable and confident in the procedures he was doing. I LOVE my results. My friends have loved my results. This place is more than your average cosmetic clinic. This is like a family, and they treat you as such.

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They are true professionals, answered all of my questions and took great care of me! I would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Levitt is very thorough and detailed. He made the process seamless for me and I will return!

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Dr. Levitt is as good as they come!

In an industry that is very much about results trust and care for patients, Dr. Levitt is as goos as they come! I would look no further if you are looking for an aesthetic procedure in Oregon. I will continue to send my friends and family to Dr Levitt and his staff.

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Dr. Levitt takes the time one needs to be heard and never pushed me toward a treatment I didn’t want or need. He’s kind, smart, and a real human being. Drove two hours just to get an ablative facial service. He has great care protocols and made the experience comfortable. Will keep coming back.

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