truSculpt Flex muscle stimulation in Albany, OR 

Flex Those Abs!

Chiseled abs and a lifted booty with no gym time

As you age, it’s common for your muscles to lose some of their natural definition, making it difficult to maintain a trimmed, athletic appearance—no matter how much time you spend at the gym.

For both men and women, loss of muscle tone is particularly evident in the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Thanks to truSculpt Flex’s® electromagnetic muscle stimulating technology, you can target these problem areas and give your body the toned, youthful appearance you miss.

If you’re ready to tighten your body, it’s time to experience truSculpt Flex muscle stimulation in Albany, OR. This FDA-cleared treatment uses advanced electromagnetic energy to tighten, tone, and strengthen your muscles. During your non-invasive and pain-free treatment, you can sit back, relax, and get toned.


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Treatment highlights

Treatment Time
45 minutes
Recovery Time
Results Appear
8 to 12 weeks
Results Last
Indefinitely with follow-up treatments and maintenance of muscle mass
Consultation Required?

The details

What it treats

Undefined muscles
Lack of muscle tone or strength
Low back pain
Skin laxity
Diastasis recti

Where it treats


Side effects might include...

Slight redness at treatment site(s)
Mild soreness

Often combined with...


  • Nonsurgical butt lift
  • No downtime
  • Painless & quick procedure
  • Improved muscle tone & strength

How it works

truSculpt Flex is part of a new section of the non-invasive body contouring market.

This type of device focuses on building muscle tone instead of eliminating body fat. It is ideal for clients who are in good shape but are struggling to get well-defined muscles in the abs, buttocks and thighs. Key benefits of truSculpt Flex include:

Visibly defined muscles in the treated area
Attachments for multiple areas — abs, buttocks and thighs
Improved muscle tone
Improved buttock shape (sometimes called a “non-surgical butt lift”)
Detail-oriented body sculpting beyond reducing fat


truSculpt Flex uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to deliver pulses that signal your muscles to contract. The electrical pulses are body-safe and low-intensity and can trigger a variety of deep muscle movements. The device has three settings:

Prep Mode for warming up
Tone Mode for improving muscle endurance
Sculpt Mode for building muscle mass

Each treatment session can be fully customized according to your aesthetic goals. Treatments are comfortable — you’ll be able to feel your muscles contracting and you will have some muscle soreness afterward, but you will not need any anesthesia or recovery time. truSculpt Flex can also be combined with truSculpt iD for excellent slimming and toning results.

Each treatment session can be fully customized according to your aesthetic goals.

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What to expect

Dr. Levitt offers in-depth body sculpting consultations.

This consult allows him to explain the procedure in detail, understand your goals, set realistic expectations, create a customized plan for your needs, and address questions you may have. There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for truSculpt Flex muscle stimulation sessions. Simply come to our office in Albany, OR ready to lie back comfortably for the next 45 minutes. Dr. Levitt will apply the device, turn on the machine, and the treatment will begin.

You’ll feel powerful muscle contractions in the targeted area through high-intensity electromagnetic energy running through the pad.

Many patients report an intense feeling at first, which quickly goes away as they get used to the sensation.

There is no downtime required with truSculpt Flex.

You are free to go about your regular activities immediately following your 45 minute treatment. There’s also no pre/post-treatment preparation or care to worry about. After clients leave Levitt Medical Aesthetics following their muscle stimulation treatment in Albany, OR, they typically tell us they feel minor soreness, like they’ve just finished an intense Pilates class.

After your first 45 minute truSculpt Flex session, you’ll be able to feel tangible results, like a more engaged core.

Visibly stronger and more defined muscles appear in the weeks after your first several sessions, however, with results continuing to improve for up to 3 months. Depending on your satisfaction with the results after your first series of sessions, we may recommend more sessions to further enhance these results.

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We find that the people who are most satisfied with this revolutionary non-invasive muscle building procedure are health-conscious, active male and female adults. If you are within 35 pounds of your ideal weight, and you regularly exercise but you cannot seem to get rid of a stubborn final layer of fat, truSculpt Flex may be what you need to keep going and achieve your goals. Athletes or those recovering from an injury may seek truSculpt Flex treatments to strengthen weakened muscle groups. Postnatal women suffering from diastasis recti (abdominal separation that occurs during pregnancy) may also use truScupt Flex to reduce the appearance of the post-baby “pooch.” Factors that may show you are not an truSculpt Flex candidate include metal or electronic implants anywhere in your body (e.g. a pacemaker), those with a hernia or recent surgery near the treatment site, those with a history of muscle or cardiac issues, and pregnant women.

truSculpt Flex is not designed to replace going to the gym, and should be seen as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle or a way to get over a workout plateau, not as an excuse to abandon traditional exercise altogether. There are other health benefits (like reduction of blood sugar, blood pressure, and HDL cholesterol) that can only be accessed through good old-fashioned exercise, and Dr. Levitt recommends continuing your workout routine like normal even while receiving truSculpt Flex muscle stimulation treatments to safeguard these benefits.

You can achieve remarkable results with as little as four treatments. Dr. Levitt may recommend additional treatments to achieve the personalized results you desire.

truSculpt Flex puts your muscles through an extremely rigorous workout, and just like the results of any other exercise, it can be maintained indefinitely through proper diet and exercise. To ensure you’re getting the most longevity out of your treatment, the Dr. Levitt recommends scheduling a maintenance treatment every 1 to 3 months to sustain the effects of your treatment to build muscle.

Yes! We also perform truSculpt iD fat reduction treatments using our truSculpt device. This incredible treatment uses radiofrequency technology to target and destroy fat cells. We can help you elminate stubborn areas of fat on your arms, thighs, stomach, chin, and more. 

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Dr. Levitt personally sees to all aspects of his patients’ care, including sitting down with them during their initial consultation, performing most treatments himself and making follow-up calls to ensure patients love their results.

Unlike other aesthetic medical centers who hire nurses to perform injections, Dr. Levitt personally performs the injections and procedures offered at Levitt Medical Aesthetics. As a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, he can wholly deliver safe and effective treatment to his patients.

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I absolutely love this place!

I absolutely love this place. Dr. Levitt is extremely knowledgeable and experienced at all the services that are offered. He is welcoming, funny, and I instantly felt comfortable and confident in the procedures he was doing. I LOVE my results. My friends have loved my results. This place is more than your average cosmetic clinic. This is like a family, and they treat you as such.

– Kaylyn M.

I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Levitt and his staff.

They are true professionals, answered all of my questions and took great care of me! I would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Levitt is very thorough and detailed. He made the process seamless for me and I will return!

– Sarah M.

Dr. Levitt is as good as they come!

In an industry that is very much about results trust and care for patients, Dr. Levitt is as goos as they come! I would look no further if you are looking for an aesthetic procedure in Oregon. I will continue to send my friends and family to Dr Levitt and his staff.

– John R.

Dr. Levitt is very precise!

Dr. Levitt takes the time one needs to be heard and never pushed me toward a treatment I didn’t want or need. He’s kind, smart, and a real human being. Drove two hours just to get an ablative facial service. He has great care protocols and made the experience comfortable. Will keep coming back.

– Elizabeth V.