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A revolution in tattoo, blemish, and scar removal

Dr. Levitt performing laser tattoo removal on patient

For those with various skin conditions that cause them to be less than confident in their skin, there is a new treatment technology that is taking on some of the hardest to treat concerns. At Levitt Medical Aesthetics, we offer Cartessa Quanta Discovery Pico Laser treatments for tattoo removal and several types of skin blemishes.

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Treatment Highlights

Treatment Time
5-30 minutes, varies based on treatment area size
Recovery Time
Results Appear
Varies based on treatment area and concern.
Results Last
Varies based on condition being treated but most results are permanent.
Consultation Required

The Details

What it treats

Unwanted tattoos

Vascular & Pigmented Lesions

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Acne Scarring


Side effects

After your appointment, the treated area may turn red and swell. This is normal and should subside in a few hours.

Where we treat







And more


  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improves scarring 
  • Reduce pigmented lesions
  • Increase collagen and elastin

How it works

Dr. Levitt performing laser tattoo removal on patient

The Cartessa/Quanta Discovery Pico Laser utilizes laser and light energy which is absorbed by the pigmented skin. This light vibrates and breaks the pigmentation into small particles.

This treatment approach is more effective than other, similar lasers because of the device’s ability to work in extremely short bursts. While others pulse in nanoseconds, the Pico Laser pulses in picoseconds, which are 100 times shorter than nanoseconds.

The Cartessa Quanta Discovery Pico Laser can be used on any tattooed or pigmented area of skin.

It can also resurface skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as acne scarring. This treatment offers high peak power with 4 available emission modes for maximum performance.

New and advanced technology to effectively help erase unwanted tattoos, pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars.

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What to expect

Depending upon treatment area and concern, you should begin to see improvement after your first session. Most patients require several Cartessa/Quanta Discovery Pico Laser treatment sessions to clear the skin completely.

Some side effects are common but also short-lived. Redness and swelling should only last a few hours after treatment.

Results are long-lasting or permanent, depending on the concern being addressed.

Tattoo removal is permanent. Other conditions, such as wrinkles, scarring, or pigmentation, will vary in duration based on health and lifestyle.

After your Cartessa/Quanta Discovery Pico Laser treatment at Levitt Medical Aesthetics in Albany, you may return to normal activities. There is no downtime required!

After your initial consultation, the actual treatment sessions won’t take long at all. Many patients fit these appointments in on their lunch break.

Before & after


After your initial consultation for a Cartessa/Quanta Discovery Pico Laser treatment in Albany, most treatments are only 5 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area(s).

Most patients are able to achieve their goals with 3 to 6 treatment sessions. However, there are many variables that affect tattoo removal, and it may take 8-12 sessions for complete removal.

This varies based on what we are treating. For tattoos, once we have eliminated the ink, the tattoo is permanently gone. Pigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles may return with age or as a result of lifestyle and skin care.

Some of the treatments that we can perform with the Discovery Pico laser, such as treating melasma and a no-downtime “laser facial,” have minimal to no discomfort. Others, like laser tattoo removal, can be more painful. However, the discomfort is usually a quick snap as the laser fires, and goes away as soon as the laser treatment is complete. Additionally, Dr. Levitt has several ways to reduce any associated discomfort, such as cooling, topical numbing medication, injectable numbing, and oral medications.

The Discovery Pico is the most advanced tattoo removal laser on the market! In addition to being a pico-second laser, the Discovery Pico is also the most powerful pico laser on the market, which enables it to remove even very light pigment that some other lasers may leave behind. Additionally, the Discovery Pico uses 3 different true laser wavelengths, allowing it to treat all colors of tattoos, including greens, reds, and yellows, which can often be very difficult for other lasers to remove. Having the appropriate laser wavelengths, as well as high peak powers, allows us to completely remove any tattoo that others simply can’t.

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Dr. Levitt personally sees to all aspects of his patients’ care, including sitting down with them during their initial consultation, performing most treatments himself and making follow-up calls to ensure patients love their results.

Unlike other aesthetic medical centers who hire nurses to perform injections, Dr. Levitt personally performs the injections and procedures offered at Levitt Medical Aesthetics. As a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, he can wholly deliver safe and effective treatment to his patients.

Meet Dr. Levitt

I absolutely love this place!

I absolutely love this place. Dr. Levitt is extremely knowledgeable and experienced at all the services that are offered. He is welcoming, funny, and I instantly felt comfortable and confident in the procedures he was doing. I LOVE my results. My friends have loved my results. This place is more than your average cosmetic clinic. This is like a family, and they treat you as such.

– Kaylyn M.

I enjoyed my experience with Dr. Levitt and his staff.

They are true professionals, answered all of my questions and took great care of me! I would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Levitt is very thorough and detailed. He made the process seamless for me and I will return!

– Sarah M.

Dr. Levitt is very precise!

Dr. Levitt takes the time one needs to be heard and never pushed me toward a treatment I didn’t want or need. He’s kind, smart, and a real human being. Drove two hours just to get an ablative facial service. He has great care protocols and made the experience comfortable. Will keep coming back.

– Elizabeth V.