Types of Liposuction in Albany, OR

Types of Modern Liposuction | Eliminate or Migrate Unwanted Fat

A woman undergoing one of the types of liposuction in Albany, OR

Liposuction, or “lipo,” has come a long way since 1975, the year it was invented. Today’s techniques, like the ones we offer at Levitt Medical Aesthetics, provide you with very comfortable, and surprisingly convenient, avenues to migrate or permanently eliminate unwanted fat.

Staying on the forefront of advancements in gentle, effective procedures makes Levitt Medical Aesthetics an authority on all types of liposuction. Not only will you receive the best in class, unlike other aesthetic medical centers who hire nurses to perform injections, Dr. Levitt personally performs the injections and procedures offered at our office. 

As a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Levitt sees to all aspects of your care. He sits down with you during your initial consultation, performs most treatments, and makes follow-up calls to ensure you love your results.

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What is liposuction?

The shortest answer is, liposuction is a technique for the permanent removal of fat cells using suction. We’re not talking about losing weight (more on that later!). Lipo eliminates adipose cells forever. They won’t regrow, they won’t reappear, they will be gone.

Liposuction and lipolysis

The types of liposuction in Albany, OR, use lipolysis, but not always the other way around. The simpler meaning of lipolysis for aesthetics, without going too deeply into the complexities of cellular biology, is nonsurgical body contouring. This includes applying lasers, radio frequencies, or injections, to disrupt fat cells. The removal process of those disrupted cells constitutes the difference when talking about liposuction vs lipolysis.

  • Liposuction uses suction through a cannula—a thin tube—to remove the fat cells, making this process minimally invasive.
  • Lipolysis allows your body to naturally evacuate the disrupted fat cells, making the process 100% non-invasive.

Either way, both techniques permanently remove the fat cells.

Liposuction and lipolysis aren’t weight loss

Liposuction and lipolysis work great as treatments to enhance weight loss you’ve already incurred, and to improve body definition and tone. However, they are not weight loss tools in and of themselves. Even though both permanently remove fat cells, the remaining fat cells, though fewer, can change size. They can become bigger. 

No, it doesn’t seem fair. But it’s the truth. Fat cells don’t multiply, but they do “gain weight.”

If your lifestyle choices don’t contribute to health, you could physically see the weight return, not in more fat cells, just in larger ones. You could reverse the results of all types of liposuction or lipolysis in Albany, Or. 

Having a healthy relationship with your body—a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lowered stress—is how you make sure your efforts are rewarded today, and in the future. Make your goal weight loss first, then have lipo as the reward to finish your body contour.

Lipolysis techniques for liposuction

When thinking of lipolysis as breaking down fat, liposuction uses several different approaches.

  • Ultrasound-assisted lipolysis (UAL). Uses ultrasound energy to break up the adipose. More frequently applied to resistant fat deposits.
  • Laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL). After the cannula is in place, a laser probe is inserted through it to break down the fat. Good for smaller deposits.
  • Radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) Uses the cannula to introduce radiofrequency energy to liquefy fat. Better if you’re within 30% of ideal weight.
  • Tumescent lipolysis. A solution is injected at the site that works as an anesthetic, bruising/swelling mitigator, and lipolytic agent. A cannula removes the rest.

Now that you know what liposuction and lipolysis are, and what they can and can’t do, let’s take a deeper look at the types of liposuction and lipolysis offered at Levitt Medical Aesthetics.

Including a procedure that removes fat and puts it back in the right places.

BeautiFill uses what you have for what you want

The BeautiFill fat transfer procedure uses laser-assisted liposuction to harvest your fat cells, but doesn’t liquify them as some of the lipolysis treatments do. Dr. Levitt then transfers these intact cells to your buttocks, breasts, or face. 

Dr. Levitt explains BeautiFill below: 

More traditional fat transfer methods don’t always provide the results you want. In those older techniques, transferred fat cells may die within a matter of months. Your body will cleanse them from your system, thereby erasing the results.

With BeautiFill, clinical trials have shown it to have a 95 percent success rate. The transferred fat will last 5 to 10 years, far longer than even the most durable dermal filler. 

The areas where we inject the fat will appear smoother, firmer, and fuller, while the donor areas will be slimmer and more toned. Overall, you will have a more youthful and balanced appearance.

Depending on where you want the fat cells re-introduced, a BeautiFill procedure only takes a couple of hours, with no general anesthesia and minimal downtime. 

If you like the idea of adding volume to your cheeks, restoring hollows under your eyes, plumping your lips or increasing your breast size—with no synthetic materials—BeautiFill is your ultimate win-win for body contouring.

BodyTite for minimally invasive tightening and contouring

Diet and exercise are part of body contouring. Good muscle tone is uniquely beautiful. However, using only diet and exercise can be challenging when you’ve got stubborn areas of fat that refuse to diminish.

We all know that frustration, the great “why??”, that can crumble your confidence and dry up your drive. That’s why Dr. Levitt and the staff at Levitt Medical Aesthetics are proud to offer the BodyTite procedure.

As one of the types of liposuction and lipolysis in Albany, OR, BodyTite arrives as a recent advance, with dramatic results.

BodyTite is a state-of-the-art, radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL)system. It will best serve you for body contouring if you’re within 30% of your ideal weight, and you have moderate skin laxity. BodyTite best treats unwanted fat and loose skin, especially on your belly, upper arms, thighs, knees, back/bra area, and breasts. 

For your BodyTite treatment, Dr. Levitt creates a small incision in the skinーwhich will often not require stitches nor form a scar. He inserts a cannula, and radiofrequency (RF) energy goes to work tightening skin and liquefying fat. Gentle suction through the cannula removes liquefied fat while causing zero damage to surrounding tissues.

A BodyTite session usually takes 1 to 3 hours depending on the area or areas you want treated. Results appear after 3 months, and last as long as you keep up a proper diet and exercise. 

truSculpt iD for true nonsurgical fat reduction

If even the thought of an incision has you feeling less-than-enthusiastic, Dr. Levitt has added a non-invasive, convenient treatment to Levitt Medical Aesthetics’ outstanding types of liposuction and lipolysis.

truSculpt iD from Cutera is one of the latest body sculpting options, treating a larger area than most body fat removal procedures. It has an average efficacy of 24% reduction in body fat for your arms, legs, abdomen, flanks, and neck.

truSculpt iD uses specialized technology that sends waves of radiofrequency (RF) energy into the entire fat layer between your skin and muscles. It heats the targeted fat cells until they’re irreparably damaged, after which your body naturally flushes them out. You’ll only feel a slight warming sensation, and are unlikely to experience any lingering discomfort or visible side effects, 

As unwanted pockets of fat gradually become smaller, flatter, and ideally contoured for your body type, you’ll be delighted. Results become noticeable usually about 6 weeks after a truSculpt iD treatment, and keep getting better over 12 weeks after each session. It even provides skin tightening benefits.

It only takes 15 to 30 minutes, with a lifetime of results to match your healthy diet and consistent exercise. Get the details on how Levitt does it.

How to double-down on eliminating your double-chin

Long-term benefits of all types of liposuction and lipolysis

Whether you’re relocating the fat to better places, or removing it entirely, there are some long-term benefits to your efforts. 

Decreases fat cells in your blood too

Your body produces fat cells in your blood, called triglycerides. It’s a part of nature.

If you have too many of these cells, that higher level increases your risk of heart disease. Your healthy lifestyle, including a good diet and exercise, are first and foremost for heart health. When you employ liposuction or lipolysis as an added way to remove fat from your body, you immediately increase your heart health.

Promotes collagen for better skin

Your body naturally generates the protein “collagen,” which is one of the main building blocks for your ligaments, tendons, bones, hair, and skin. As you get older, your body slows down its creation of collagen, with various consequences—including the development of sagging skin and wrinkles.

Laser-based liposuction can stimulate collagen growth in your body. That growth enables you to enjoy more youthful-looking skin, along with a younger-looking body.

Treats certain maladies

Many types of liposuction in Albany, OR, can treat certain physical issues including gynecomastia, lipodystrophy syndrome, lipomas, and even issues involved with people who have had extreme weight loss after obesity.

Removes fat that exercise can’t get rid of

A good diet and regular exercise make for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find your body changing as fat goes away and muscle builds. 

For some of us, there are pockets of fat that absolutely refuse to disappear, no matter how hard you work at it. This can affect your drive to continue on your healthy journey. Lipo can remove that unwanted fat that your diet and your exercise can’t seem to burn away, giving you a permanent boost to your great health choices. 

How to undo your double chin.

Lifelong emotional and social benefits

The effects of lipo can renew your confidence and self-esteem. It’s unfortunate, but that extra fat can negatively influence opinions from your peers. Improving your aesthetic appeal can change the ways other people see you, and how you see yourself. 

Help for healing after liposuction in Albany, OR

Levitt Medical Aesthetics offers Albany the latest in minimally invasive and nonsurgical med spa treatments. To assist your body in healing after all types of liposuction and lipolysis, we recommend at least one of these refreshing possibilities.

Evolve Transform Body Treatment 

This innovative treatment addresses several body and skin concerns. It can tighten skin, tone muscle, and even trim fat. Evolve consists of 3 components that you can mix and match per 15 to 45 minute session. It’s quick, easy, adn works on your arms, flanks,hips, knees, abdomen, and buttocks. See before and after results from Evolve in Albany, OR.

Skin Nectar, an Alastin Product

Just the name of it, Skin Nectar, tells you so much. This water-free, preservative-free, and bacteriostatic cream helps strengthen your skin ahead of treatments. It also calms your post-procedure dermis and helps reduce recovery time. 

Skin Nectar will definitely assist your post-treatment skin to look brighter, smoother, and more youthful. 

Have you heard about Alastin Skincare? From procedure enhancement treatments to daily-use products, Alastin offers clinically-proven, medical-grade skincare. We carry Alstin products in-office, and would love to help you find the right products for your needs.  Ask about all our new Alastin products today..

Are you ready? Let’s go lipo!

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